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Baby Gum & Tooth Wipes

Detailed description

Ingredient white non-woven fabric with a solution adsorbed.
EfficacyㆍEffect keep the oral cavity clean
UsageㆍCapacity Open the package and remove the tissue and gently wipe the oral cavity and gums.
Save method Store in airtight container at room temperature (1~30°C)
Expiration date 36 months from the date of manufacture
Usage Precautions Do not rinse with water.
Don't throw it away in a flush toilet.
Use it immediately after opening and do not repeat the product you used half the time.
Do not use your mouth or lips if they are damaged, such as eczema.
Stop using it when you experience swelling or itching or irritation during use and consult your doctor.
Be careful not to eat tissue when using it on your baby.
Keep out of reach of infants.
Avoid hot humid places and store in a place that is out of light.
Do not use other than for purposes.
Sometimes, you can use them with confidence because they are part of the raw material that occurs during the non-woven manufacturing process.
Please do not use the product if any problems are detected when opening the door and contact the customer center.


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