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FA Eolswab

  • Product category
  • : Medicinal products
  • Item category code
  • : 4600
  • Pharmacy category
  • : Disinfection of skin and intestines and disinfection of medical equipment

Detailed description

Raw materials, drugs and its quantity Out of 100ml
Refined water(KP)-----------------------quantity
non-woven cloth(KQC)
Ingredient white nonwoven fabric with ethanol adsorbed
EfficacyㆍEffect Disinfection of the skin, the intestines, and disinfection of medical equipment
UsageㆍCapacity Apply it to the disinfectant.
Standard 25*2pcs, 100pcs, 200pcs, 400pcs
Save method Store the shielded container at room temperature (1~30 ̊C)
Expiration date 60 months from the date of manufacture
Usage Precautions Take medicines that are to be kept out of reach of children from the original container and store them in other containers, as they can cause accidents due to misuse of medicines or cause deterioration of the medication quality, and keep them in the original container.


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