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FA sterilizing Ethanol

  • Product category
  • : Medicinal products
  • Item category code
  • : 4600
  • Pharmacy category
  • : Disinfection of skin and intestines and disinfection of medical equipment

Detailed description

Raw materials, drugs and its quantity Out of 1000ml
Refined water(KP)-----------------------quantity
Ingredient A colorless, clear liquid with a pungent odor and burning taste.
EfficacyㆍEffect 1. Disinfection of the skin and the injured part: Disinfection of the fingers and skin, disinfection of the injection part.
2. Disinfection of medical equipment: Disinfection of thermometer, endoscopy apparatus, catheterization, anesthesia equipment, and emergency disinfection before use.
UsageㆍCapacity Wipe the disinfectant with a absorbent, and clean the medical equipment with its own parts.
Save method Store the shielded container at room temperature (1~30 ̊C)
Expiration date 36 months from the date of manufacture
Usage Precautions Store in a light, classified container in a container to avoid fire.


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